Where does tea grow in India?

Where does tea grow in India?

India is home to the largest tea producing regions in the world. Of the many tea-growing regions of India, the three most celebrated are Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri.


Assam is located in northeast India. It is the largest tea-growing region in the country. The tea produced here is known as Assamese tea and is mostly grown in the Brahmaputra Valley. This black tea is brightly colored and has strong, malty, raisin-sweet flavors. Interested in Assamese tea? Click here to take a look at EnjoyingTea.com’s variety of Assamese teas.


Nested in the Mahabharat Range (or Lesser Himalaya) is the famous tea-growing region of Darjeeling. Darjeeling tea is well-known for its true uniqueness and elegance. It is treasured for its rich, golden flavor and its distinctive taste. It has a bold flavor with a fruity aroma. Many consider Darjeeling to be the “champagne” of tea. At EnjoyingTea.com, you can find an exquisite Organic Darjeeling Black Tea, which is sure to awaken your taste buds. Try it out for yourself! Visit EnjoyingTea.com or just click here.


Nilgiri is in the south of India and is in the mountains of Tamil Nadu. Nilgiri’s teas are known for being distinctively dark with an intense aroma. If you enjoy very fragrant teas with a marvelous, distinctive taste then you will surely love Nilgiri teas. EnjoyingTea.com offers a Nilgiri Black Tea (FBOP), which is sure to awaken your senses. The tea is FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) and of extremely high quality. When you brew this January production tea, you will taste a fruit-like floral character with a satisfying thickness. The flavor profile is unbelievable. You need to try this Tiger Hill grown Black Tea for yourself. Click here to visit EnjoyingTea.com to purchase this tea and to learn more – as a bonus, there are some helpful brewing tips included online!

Although the above three geographical locations are the largest tea producing regions of India, there are five additional tea producing areas, which include: Dooars, Himchal Pradesh, Sikkim, Terai, and Travancore/Kerala. (All of which also produce a variety of delectable teas!) Interested in exploring more teas grown in India? Just click here to visit EnjoyingTea.com’s wide selection of Indian teas!

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