Oolong Tea to Lose Weight: Cut Down Those Extra Pounds

oolong-teaOolong tea, also known as Wu long, is a healthy drink that helps you lose weight. True! Drink oolong tea and lose weight.

It is said that drinking Oolong tea regularly enhances your metabolism. When you increase metabolism in a healthy way, more calories are burned and extra pounds shed off faster.

What is Oolong tea?

Coming from the Camelia Sinesis plant, oolong tea is known for its antioxidants quality. Oolong tea is prepared by a special process of fermentation which leads to semi-oxidation of the leaves.

Oolong is originated from China.  Most of the current oolong production is from China and Taiwan with little coming from other regions.

How does oolong tea help to lose weight?

This tea has been discussed on shows like Oprah for its efficiency in helping people to lose weight. In many of the health shows, oolong tea has been featured as a healthy drink that sheds off those extra pounds. Drinking oolong tea for weight loss is widely known.

Polyphenols, the components found in oolong tea, are observed to activate enzymes that help dissolve adipose tissues (fat cells). The reduction of body fat and body weight is a result of improved lipid metabolism.

Additionally, according to fitness experts and dieticians, oolong tea augments the entire process of metabolism in more effective way which helps to prevent against obesity. This, in turn, results in a sleeker waistline!

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