Mao Jian Green Tea

History of Mao Jian Green TeaMao Jian is a popular type of green tea that is from the southeast interior Anhui Province of China. It is grown near Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, an area rich in its variety of green teas.

The best Mao Jian is harvested in early spring. Unlike some teas, when picking Mao Jian only the new tea buds and the leaf nearest to the bud are picked. After being picked, these Chinese tea leaves are gently pan-fried to stop the oxidation process from occurring.

The tea consists of beautiful, dark green, long, curled leaves with silvery tips, which have been firmly rolled and are pointed on both ends. It is well known and treasured for its distinctive, refreshing taste and pleasant aroma and when brewed, it yields a beautiful golden color with a subtle tint of green. Its fragrance is clean and vegetal and its taste is sweet and subtle.

Like other green teas, Mao Jian is caffeinated and contains the same well-known anti-oxidants. The tea’s creamy texture and delicious taste is calming and it is the perfect tea for every day drinking.

Brewing Mao Jian and other green teas is a slightly different process than black tea and so it’s good to keep in mind these simple tips in order to optimize your green tea’s aroma and flavor:

  1. Use fresh water to bring out the best taste
  2. Be careful not to over boil the water, green tea is best at about 180oF; when green tea is brewed too hot it can create a bitter taste and when it is brewed too cold the flavors are not fully extracted
  3. Steeping time matters! Green tea takes less time than black tea; it is best to steep green tea for 2-3 minutes
  4. Try brewing your tea in a tall glass; you are able to watch the shape and color of the tea leaves as they infuse.

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Happy tea drinking!

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