What is Lu An Gua Pian?

Emerald Petals Green TeaLu An Gua Pian, is the Chinese name for Emerald Petals Green Tea. Lu An is the region in the Dabie Mountains of the Western Anhui province of China, where the leaves are grown. Gua Pian refers to the term melon seeds in Chinese. The name describes the wet tea leaf’s shape thought to resemble melon seeds and so Lu An Gua Pian is also commonly called “Lu An Melon Seeds.” The tea later adapted to the name “Emerald Petals” green tea because of its beautiful look.

This green tea is comprised entirely of delicate, flat, vibrant, emerald green leaves. Unlike most teas, it is picked and processed using only the leaf. The buds and stems are carefully removed and only the first three leaves on each branch are used.

The dried leaves are long and narrow and when brewed, yield a lovely and refreshing floral aroma with a light green color, subtler than its exquisite emerald green leaves.

Emerald Petals green tea is an extremely smooth beverage, with a sweet and silky taste that slowly fills your mouth; accompanied by a long, sweet floral finish. Its popularity dates back to the Tang Dynasty and is known as one of the ten most famous teas of China.

Like other green teas, it shares a variety of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, improving vision and aiding in the relief of sleep disorders.

To Brew:

Always use fresh water and be careful not to over-boil the water. It is suggested that to brew Lu An Gua Pian tea, you should steep the tea leaves in hot water around 160o to 175o F for one minute for the first and second brewing, and longer for additional brewing. It is also recommended to use glass or porcelain tea ware to enjoy your Emerald Petals green tea.

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