Glass Teaware 101

glass teapot setThere are plenty of reasons to consider glass teaware for brewing and serving a splendid cup of tea. One of the most obvious is that, like a fine wine glass, a good glass teapot or cup shows off the beautiful color of your tea, and as you know, tea comes in a vast array of colors and flavors. Why not show these off for an added dimension to your enjoyment of your favorite steaming beverage? From deep orange pekoe, to red berries, to light green teas, the natural colors and flavors of tea offer a feast for the senses.

Styles & Accessories
Glass teapots often come with great accessories, such as stands, tealight teapot warmers, strainers/infusers and more, and are most likely dishwasher safe, making for a convenient and classy addition to your table. Glass teaware tends to be an affordable choice, and is available in many styles, from contemporary to more ornate Chinese or Moroccan styles. From the simple to the extraordinary, choose a tea set that displays your personal sense of style, or creates an ambience drawing on the ancient tea rituals from around the world.

Brewing Tea
If you have never heard of flowering teas, this discovery alone will convince you of the need to own a glass teapot. Hand-sewn bouquets of tea leaves that “flower” as they steep, these teas take artful presentation to a new level. What a stunning idea for decorating your table, delighting your guests, and serving a quality cup of tea.

For people who only need to brew a cup at a time, or want an option for tea on the go, there are numerous glass tea infuser cups available with built in or removable strainers, for a convenient choice at home or the office. Explore the many different teas available, from basic black and green tea blends, to herbal infusions, for an endless array of choices to add variety to your day. There are also many health benefits to tea, both in general antioxidant properties, and specific healing blends. Tea is good for what ails you, and a nice “pick me up” any time of day.

Beauty of Glass Teaware
Tea appreciation is both in the eye and the cup of the beholder. Great gift ideas for a tea aficionado, elegant presentation for special occasions or a nice basic set to use every day, glass teaware offers something for anyone who enjoys a cup of tea. Rediscover the civility and social graces of days gone by with the creation of your own tea ritual, and enjoy this relaxing and rejuvenating approach to hot beverages. Take the time to sit down for a moment and take a break from your hectic schedule with a cup of tea – you will be glad you did.

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