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Where does tea grow in India?

India is home to the largest tea producing regions in the world. Of the many tea-growing regions of India, the three most celebrated are Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri. Assam Assam is located in northeast India. It is the largest tea-growing …

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Tea Growing Regions in China

Tea Growing Regions in China

China is well-known to be one of the largest tea producers in the world. China’s large geographic area has many different regions, which grow a variety of teas. There are four primary tea growing regions:


This is a large region north of the Yangtze River. The provinces within this area are Anhui, Gansu, Henan, northern Jiangsu, Shaanxi and Shandong. Jiangbei is primarily known for producing Green tea and several other premium teas. Many of the premium teas are produced in the Henan province of Xinyang Maojian and the Anhui province of Lu’an Guapian.


Jiangnan has the greatest production of tea. Its output comprises of two-thirds of China’s total annual production. It is also along the Yangtze River, although it is found in the southern, lower areas of the river. The provinces along this southern area are Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and the southern areas of both Anhui and Jiangsu. Jiangnan experiences all four seasons, with plentiful rainfall in Spring and Summer and a dryer Autumn. Many different teas are produced here including Green, Black, Oolong and different scented teas.

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